Size of Wood Stove how much heat do you need?

What does it take to heat a room?

We were not sure how hot our fire might get and opted to go smaller rather than larger. The following information will help you calculate the size stove needed to adequately heat your room. Get a paper and pencil handy.

Firstly measure your room. Calculate the height (in metres), multiplied by the width, multiplied by the length to get the volume in cubic metres..

Our small room was (4 x 3 x 3= 36)

Now divide this figure by 14 to get the kW needed to raise the temperature by about 20 degrees (that is the standard most professional recommend).

So we needed just under 3 kW So, theoretically if it is freezing outside we can heat our room to a very respectable 20 degrees using our little 3kW stove.

If you do not have double glazed windows in the room then you need to add 1kW for each window in the room. If you have a radiator in the room then you can minus 1kW (as long as you intend to turn the radiator on of course)

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