How to Split Logs

The three ways of splitting logs

1) Use a chainsaw to split logs

Fast but dangerous and not environmentally friendly, so I will ignore this method for now.

2) Split Logs Using Two Axes

To split logs with two axes, strike your first axe smartly into the wood at the small end so as to start a crack, leaving your axe in the cut.

Next take the second axe and strike it in line with the first one along the log a little way.. If this is done properly it should open the crack wide enough to release the first axe. Take that axe and move further down the log, past your second axe which you will have again left in the wood and strike in line with it further down to extend the split. Repeat until the whole log splits in two.

3) Split a log with wedges

This is the traditional method. Start a split as per the two axe method and use a wooden wedge to keep the split open when you move down along the wood for the second strike. Use as many wedges as you need and hammer them in to split the log.


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