Make your own logs.

Making and burning logs made from recycled paper.

Do you want free fuel? Want to know how to make paper logs?

The average household throws out over 500kg of paper and cardboard packaging each year. Now that you have a new stove, you can use newspaper as free fuel instead. When paper is compressed into briquettes it can efficiently burn for hours just as good as store bought briquettes or wood logs.

Making your own fuel logs is a green solution that saves money. Keep reading if you want to learn about making paper logs.

Briquette Maker for Recycling Newspaper
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To turn old waste paper and card into 'logs' you need to do three things to it;

Free fuel is as simple as that.

Instructions for making paper logs

Making paper logs Step 1

Wetting the paper. Easy as sticking it in a sink or bucket of water for a couple of seconds. By wetting the paper it compresses 10 times better than dry paper so you get a long even burn from your finished paper logs.

log makerMaking paper logs Step 2

Compressing your pulp into logs is best achieved with a special PAPER LOG MAKER, There are two types.

Briquette Maker for Recycling Newspaper

The most popular is the briquette brick logmaker which looks like the picture opposite is available from amazon through the link above. The two handles compress the pulp and squeeze out water to make a briquette about the size of a standard house brick. This is the one I use personally. It is a quick and easy way to make your own logs.

This tool will compress not only newspaper, but also
Junk Mail and envelopes, Catalogues and magazines,
Cereal boxes, Egg boxes and even old Tea bags to make excellent briquettes for burning..

basket of paper briquettes

Another type of log maker rolls sheets of paper around a core, compressing as it rolls. The logs look great, but I found it a fiddly tool to use and once you have made a log, getting the central spar out was a bit of a pain.

Making paper logs Step 3

Whichever tool you use to compress your paper logs or briquettes, you will then need to let them dry. This is not a matter of leaving them on the kitchen drainer overnight. For best results you should allow your logs to dry for at least three months before use. This is shorter than the time it takes to season freshly cut tree logs, but it does seem awfully long nonetheless.

A 3 Tier Mini Greenhouse makes a perfect drying rack for freshly pressed paper and cardboard logs. I leave them in here for a couple of weeks and then onto shelves in the shed for the another 10 weeks or so. Once your homemade wood fuel is fully dried out it can be placed in your wood burning stove or open fire and be lit to provide hours of warmth and light.

What paper should I use to make logs?

If you are going to make your own logs, think for a moment about the paper or cardboard source. If you use a glossy magazine, all that varnish, wax and ink will get burned and could produce nasty fumes and toxic smoke. I strongly suggest you stick to newsprint and plain cardboard as they will not produce much other than a nice warm fire as they burn. 99.9% of all newspaper is made with vegetable dyes and so will be perfectly harmless. Some of the ash from the logs, once they are burned can be added to your compost heap and will return nutrients to the soil. The rest can be given away to local 'craft' soap manufacturers who mix the fire ash with fat to make soap.

In case you are wondering whether it is worth the effort to make your own logs, a daily newspaper will burn for about an hour when turned into a log. A big sunday paper with supplements can keep the room warm all evening.

With all the Sunday suppliments and junk mail we get, our briquette maker paid for itself many times over in the first year. Do you want to make your own paper logs?

Briquette Maker for Recycling Newspaper
is available from Amazon now!

The Briquette Maker for recycling newspaper is selling really well and is now almost a third cheaper than when I bought mine. That makes this tool for producing free fuel an even better bargain.

A different way to Make Logs

Amazon are also now selling a different type of log maker that doesn't involve making the paper wet. The benefit of this approach is that the whole log making process becomes a lot quicker. This log maker also produces cylindrical paper logs which look nicer. However, burn quality is a little more variable than the briquette maker.

Log Maker - The 100% Recycled Plastic One

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