Cost of Installing a Wood Burning Stove

The stove itself will cost a few hundred pounds if purchased new.

Since they are made of either cast iron or sheet steel, a second hand stove can be reused without too much concern. As long as there is no deep rust or warping a stove box remains useable for centuries.

However whether you buy new or second hand, the installation charges mount up.

Firstly your chimney will need sweeping. A good sweep will tell you what sort of flue you have and whether there may be problems. This will cost you between £60 and £100 but is an essential cost that you must get completed before buying the stove.

Next you may well find that the chimney will need lining. The usual procedure is to fit a long 6 inch diameter flexible metal tube down the chimney. The gap between the tube and the bricks of your chimney is filled with vermiculite or some other insulator. This task should be included in the fitting of the stove and will normally be done on the same day.

The cost of this will very much depend on your house's layout, size and accessability. If they have to hire a cherry picker or scaffolding to work the lining through the chimney that is a large extra cost you will be expected to cover. Make sure you are fully aware of all costs before installation begins.

In total we spent far far more than the cost of the stove on the liner and installation.

However... It was definitely worth it.

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