How to Clean a Wood Stove

For the first six months we bought a chemical cleaner that released fumes and made the front room smell terrible.

Then our chimney sweep showed us how to clean the glass using nothing more caustic than a damp newspaper dipped in ashes from the fire. The ash seems to turn to soap and scrubs off the soot with ease. It is really easy to keep the glass clean as long as you wipe it each time you light the fire. Once a big buildup of soot has been left for a longer period, it gets baked onto the glass which will not come clean without a lot of elbow grease.


The rest of the stove is best cleaned with a damp cloth. No solvents or chemical products are required to keep an iron or forged steel stove in top condition.

If you have a slate hearth, this too can usually be cleaned with a damp cloth, although just occasionally you might want to rub in a mineral oil (WD40) to bring up a deep showroom shine.

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