Your Chimney

First make sure you actually have a chimney. Just because there is a chimney breast on the wall doesn't mean the flat upstairs didn't take theirs out in the 1970s.

In our case we have a house and we can see the chimney breast upstairs and down, and could see the nice chimney pots on the roof so we thought we were ok, but we couldn't see the quarter ton of rubble that had been dropped down the chimney when the nice chimney pots were replaced 40 years ago. At the time they were installing central heating and I suppose they never even considered that anyone would want to have a solid fuel burner ever again. How times change.

Also check all the way up into the loft. A friend recently bought a victorian terrace with a chimney brest upstairs and down, but the rest of it had been removed in the loft which means they will need major building work to install an new internal flue.


They installed our stove in the chimney breast, but put it a bit too close to the back wall. After one winter of use, the plaster has cracked a little from the heat, but the stove is to close to the wall to allow me to get behind it to patch the wall. It is only a minor thing, but is slightly annoying.

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