Back Boilers


Use your stove's back boiler to heat water.

Heat radiates from a fire in all directions, so if your stove is against a wall, why waste the energy that is heating the bricks behind the stove?

Install a stove with a back boiler

A back boiler can easily supplement your existing heating system, bringing down the cost or removing the need for gas or electric altogether.

If you already have a stove and don't want to replace it, a clip-in back boiler can be added to the stove. The output valves will need to be plumbed in to your existing system and away you go. Because these are add-on systems they typically but have a slightly lower heat output than a new stove manufactured with an integral back boiler.

Choosing your system

The best advice is to ask a real professional. They will need to know about plumbing, your family's heat and hot water requirements as well as wood stoves. Therefore I strongly urge you not to consider this to be a DIY task. It is an investment in your home and should be treated seriously.

Cost of a back boiler

A clip-in boiler typically costs around £250, but then you need to factor plumbing and installation costs as well. However, once you have calculated your savings in gas or electric you may well recoup your investment in a matter of months. Of course, for many people wood isn't free so factor in extra fuel costs, unless you really want to save a packet and make your own recycled logs.

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