Airwash Stoves

What is Airwash?

When they sold us our stove they explained that airwash was a nifty little feature that would save us hours of effort. Basically a small vent at the top of the glass door can be opened to let air wash down over the door, creating a bit of a barrier between the burning fire and the glass.

Why is Airwash useful?

Without airwash, your glass door rapidly blackens as carbon deposits build up during burning.

The airwash significantly cuts down the cleaning that needs to be done. The glass doors are in fact a ceramic and can withstand very high temperatures. If your glass does blacken, a hotter fire will often burn the soot off the glass

The other great way to clean the glass is using A damp newspaper dipped in cold fire ash.

If all else fails most fireplace shops will sell you a bottle of chemical cleaner which is noxious, but works very well.

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