Wood Burning Stoves

Thinking about getting a wood stove?

We hope the information on this site will help you decide if a stove is right for you.

We had our wood stove installed in January 2007 before the recent jumps in the cost of gas and electricity. Installing a woodstove make even more sense today than it did then. We are still delighted with the choice we made. The room is warmer, the cat is happier and we can spend hours watching the flames rather than the television. A real fire does add so much to a room and a stove is so much cleaner and easier to manage than an open hearth.

We get through about a cubic metre of wood each winter. We estimate the saving in gas central heating to be about 1.5 times the cost of the wood. So, not a huge saving when we buy wood, but these days we get lots of free wood from friends and neighbours. I get exercise in the summer, chopping logs and there is now an areaof lawn of about two metres square which we have lost to the wood pile (hooray- less mowing and more wildlife).

In short, there are both negatives and positives (although for us the overall positives massively outweigh any downsides).

Please read our thoughts on this site and them make up your mind about whether you want your own wood burning stove.

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